Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Executives of financial institutions have amassed huge fortunes on the backs of hardworking American families. While living in their many luxurious homes, they have refused to restructure mortgages that would allow families to stay in their homes. We need to make them accountable for their actions. Join the fight.

While NACA has agreements with many lenders to make your mortgage affordable, the below executives refused.

Visit the NACA Home Page at:

See how the Bank and Lender/Servicer CEO's live LAVISHLY in their many homes while homeowner's struggle to make monthly payment on the only home they know!

It is absolutely critical, whether you are directly impacted by this mortgage crisis or not, to let your voice be heard. Visit the link provided above. If you have a mortgage with one of the lenders listed, let them know that you want them to assist homeowners that have an unaffordable mortgage. BE SPECIFIC IN YOUR REQUEST. Let them know that NACA is assisting thousands of homeowner's restructure their mortgages with WIN-WIN solutions for all involved. That at the end of the day - A NACA HOME SAVE Solution (mortgage restructure) is just the RIGHT THING TO DO!

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