Saturday, October 18, 2008


Realtors and Licensed Real Estate Agents are important to every community.

A workshop and materials have been designed to educate Realtors on the NACA Process.

You will walk away from this workshop with the following information:

1) The timeline involved with the NACA Credit Accees
2) The NACA Qualification Process
3) Underwriting Guidelines
4) In-House Agent Opportunity
5) How to receive a referral from NACA
6) Eligibility
7) Property Types Financed
8) Review of the current NACA Nashvlle Pipeline
9) Maximum Purchase Prices

NACA will be a valuable tool to any real estate agent interested in growing their business in the upcoming year. The workshop date and time is not yet confirmed, but will be located at the Hermitage Public Library on James Kay Lane.

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Jesse Butterfield said...

Your real estate purchase is in most cases the biggest financial commitment you will make in your personal life.